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SEO Writing is an AI writing tool for 1-click SEO-optimized articles, blog posts & affiliate content. Available in 48 languages, auto-posted to WordPress with AI Images.

Each plan has a monthly limit on the number of words and article generations you can create using the tools.
It’s like autopilot for your blog management. We have integration so that you can generate an article with a single click and immediately send it to your WordPress blog.
Absolutely, one of our features is the ability to optimize articles for keywords. You also receive meta tags with the article, such as meta title, meta description, and meta alt for images.
One exciting new feature is the ability to generate images along with your article using 1-Click blog publishing or Bulk mode. With image generation, you will get a full article with high-quality images that match the context. This feature is available on all paid plans. Furthermore, images are generated for free when creating articles.
Yes, you can generate an article up to 5000 words. It’s easy and exciting.
Our AI tool can generate diverse content such as news articles, blog posts, and lists, saving you time and ensuring high quality. If you can imagine it, AI can likely write it for you.
This is a convenient tool for adding Amazon product list when creating product roundup articles and a product when creating a review. Each product is added in a separate block, where in 1 click you can generate: a short name, specifications, prominent features, pros, cons, and description (review).